Inspiring academic and personal achievement by offering programs designed to motivate and empower the youth of Madison area communities through skateboarding.

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Nicholas Ramirez - Chief Executive Officer

A love of skateboarding, and desire to help others is what led to my part in founding what Revolutionary Skatepark Company is today. It is my personal goal to put forth my best at all times to positively impact our community. Skateboarding has always been a large part of my life and is a great sport that I enjoy sharing with others. Growing up with skateboarding has helped to shape me into the man I am today and taught me self-discipline and intrinsic motivation. These key factors are a major motivational tool for me within the organization. I have so much faith in our team, our vision, and our combined knowledge being utilized to our fullest potential for helping as many young people as possible!

Kevin Raduka – Chief Operating Officer

I have been a ‘Sconnie my entire life. I’ve spent time as a bowling coach to kids of all ages, and am 
an avid bowler myself. While in high school, the scholarships earned through bowling helped me attend Carroll College in Waukesha, where I experienced first-hand how important it is to have access to an after-school program with quality mentors to develop your potential. After college, I moved to Madison and began working for AnchorBank, now Old National Bank. Developing business financial skills will help me ensure Revolutionary Skatepark Company is a resource for kids for years to come!

Mynda Joe – President
I became a part of the Revolutionary Skatepark Company Board of Directors because I was immediately taken with Nicholas's vision. He is passionate about improving the lives of youth, through education and creating a positive, safe environment; an idea that resonates deeply within me. My life has been dedicated to working with children, from teaching preschool, to owning a dance studio, to working in a charter school, to the present where I am currently employed in campus ministry. The mission of Revolutionary Skatepark Company is one that has the ability to changes children's lives for the better. I am very excited about being a part of it and watching his vision blossom into reality. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my children, husband, and granddaughter. I also love reading and learning about history, social justice, and travel. And I am always up for dancing!

Brian Williams – Treasurer
Most of my life has been spent in Madison, and I'm enthusiastic to join Revolutionary Skatepark Company. Nicholas' dedication, and being able to give back similar opportunities that were given to me is what drew me in. I attended UW Madison and have been in the financial industry ever since.  I enjoy all types of games, traveling, and running/biking.

Gareth Olson - Secretary

I'm a professional guy with over 20 years of IT, construction management and teaching experience. I grew up on gravel country roads, so I am not a skateboarder, but am an avid skier, gamer and cat aficionado. I know that being passionate about hobbies can lead to great learning experiences and plan to help make Revolutionary Skatepark Company successful with its mission and assist youth in finding and fueling their passion.

Daniel Joe – Marketing Specialist

I'm very excited to be a part of Revolutionary Skatepark Company. It's a grand idea and I'm happy to help the organization, and Nick’s dream in any way I can. Born and raised in Madison, I also see this as a way to give back to my community. I work as a graphic designer for the University of Wisconsin. I love spending time with my wife and family, as well as dabbling in tennis, woodworking, and being taken advantage of by my granddaughter, Lucie.

Amanda Utz – HR Specialist
I am able to bring over ten years of Human Resources expertise to the board of directors.  A graduate of UW-Madison, I also hold two professional HR certifications.  I am an avid local business supporter of our city and wholly believes in the opportunity to give back to the local community.  My desire to see the youth of Madison succeed and have readily available after school and summer programs available to them is what interested me to be a part of this organization.  Additionally, I REALLY love large fluffy puppies and am terrified of bananas.

Preston Boggs– Communications Specialist
I moved with my family from Detroit, Michigan to Madison for job opportunities and a better quality of life without knowing what lie ahead. My family was excited at the prospect of sharing a different experience and life’s limitless possibilities. Since 2013 I have been a member of the Pres House student ministry community of UW-Madison, and have served on the Council and Board of Directors. My education is in Communication Arts wherein I have a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have plans to enter the world of advertising in the future. Personal practices I set for myself involve being in-tune with mind and body, which allow me to become better in all of the physical activities I enjoy; such as wrestling, biking, running, and sailing.

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